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I Got This
I Got This

I Got This is for those who know exactly how they want to ski and how they like to ski. Feeling comfortable and confident in and on your skis is the most important aspect of skiing. And who knows you better than you?

Please Help
Please Help

We’re always here to help, whether it’s for the whole process or just certain aspects of the ski. Please, Help will bring you through a series of questions to best customize a ski for you.

Coffin Customs

Ski Design

Senior Thesis Project 2020


This online experience is designed for any skier and any skill level. I Got This is for those who want to take more control, and Please Help is for those who need a little more assistance with their ski design. This Custom Ski builder will allow you to build the perfect ski for you, with a mandatory expert review at the end to ensure you are getting what's best for you.

Skills/Programs Used (Website):


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Design Thinking

Skills/Programs Used (Ski Build):


Adobe Illustrator


CNC Machine 


Band Saw

Chop Saw

Heat Sublimation (graphic)


Once you choose a side of the website you want to enter it then brings you through a serious of tabs to design your ski. Once you choose a side you aren't stuck on that side, feel free to switch back and forth anytime.